Friday, October 29, 2004

Tinkering & Introduction to future posts

If anyone has visited this blog in the last two weeks you will know that things have not always been legible.
Well I have been tinkering with the template teaching myself HTML. Not very systematically I will admit, but I have learned something, and at least have been able to produce something close to what I was hoping for when I began to tinker. But I will stop for now since I do no thave time to blog and try to change the template while teaching myself html.

I have a number of things that I might blog about soon.

There is of course the election, and I have various ways of approaching this but have not had the time to develop them sufficiently to put out there for any one to see.
I will however say that I am not voting in this election, which has to do in part with the continued gap between democratic ideal and democratic practice. I know this has always existed but it seems to be admitted less and less, and obscured more and more. I just don't see how we are a leader in the world because of our "enlightened" democratic process that we will try to spread around the world (either through consensus of some sort or military force, or both). I would say we are a leader in the world not because of any ethical or moral superiority but because we are the economic and military power of the moment.
Then there is all this concern for registering people to vote which seems to me boil down to pseudo-democratic ideals: we seek to register people to vote so that they will vote for our candidate. Now election law prohibits doing so explicitly but the obvious motives are far from disinterested but are partisan and undemocratic if you ask me.
Well there it is I guess this is an introduction to further posts.

I also am working on some comments on art and worship/prayer. There have been some interesting conversations over at Tripp's blog . Those discussions will form the prolegomena for what I will post here.
Then there are issues of eclessiology and theology/doctrine and ecumenism. The ecumenical church piece Tripp Jane and I are attempting to live out with Church of Jesus Christ,Reconciler. Some of these thoughts are certainly influenced by my activities at this church plant.
For the moment forgive the appearance it is in transition, but I need to write and though it pains my artist side to have an incomplete visualization I also must write some stuff out.