Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I have heard rumor that I have turned off comments on this blog. According to my settings they are enabled. So, if you are unable to post a comment to any of my posts please follow the link on the side bar and e-mail me. One of the main points of having a blog to me is the possibility of interaction. Thus I would not disable comments unless there was an extreme and severe breach in civility by those posting on my blog. THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED, and if I would ever disable comments on this blog I would post explaining the reason for disabling comments.
As far as I know comments are not disabled, if you can't post a comment then I need to take it up with Blogger.
But this does lead me to say something I have been thinking of saying: A large part of why I blog is hoping to hear other's ideas in relation to my own(agree or disagree or off on an tangent what ever) on things I have posted. So, if you visit do feel free to comment. I may argue with you or you may stir further thoughts and inspire a post (I will credit you if that happens.) So join in the convesation, its the point.