Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Making note of some things in my side bar

I have made some updates in my side bars in the past week so thought I would make some general comments and direct anyone who is interested to some of the links.
Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler (for those wandering by or who read this and only know me in virtual reality) is a new church I pastor with two other pastors, from two other denominations Episcopal and American Baptists. The church is an ecumenical church. To find out more follow the above link or the link in the side bar.
Besides pastoring this new church, my wife, Kate, and I have been living in an intentional community for two years now called The Community of the Holy Trinity. Check out the blog at the above link. It is not accidental that I am posting about the community at this time: we are in the process of gathering a board of directors for the community and setting up the community as a not-for-profit corporation in Illinois. Our hope this is the first step in being able to find the space to welcome all who would be interested in the life of Christian community and monasticism. Our community rule is posted on the blog and in the next few days I will be posting other information as well. The community is centered in prayer and we seek to live out the discipline of Christian hospitality as a place of support for Christians to explore their talents and call. My wife and I are both artist (I am a painter and iconographer, Kate is a fashion designer, or as her business card says "modiste"), and the communities current other member is a violist who works with the peace and justice ministry Christian Peacemaker Teams(CPT).
I am still having a bit of difficulty getting my mind arroundthis but I am part of a film making team that is working on our first film. A year and a half ago a good friend of my wife's and mine, Steven Luce, asked me and two others to write a screen play with him. The idea was originally a "B" movie crime flick, that we were thinking of just filming for fun with some borrowed equipment. Well a year latter there is Backburner films, and "Say Hello to Clive for Me" We are in prepreduction, and will be filming beginning in May. We are currently in the midst of casting. Casting call will be April 30th. If you are in Chicago and think you want to be in a film follow this link to Backburner films for more info on the casting call and what you need to do. There are also other positions still open, all volunteer, we have no money. So check out the Backburner Films web page if you would like to be part of the making of this film.
My dear friend Robyn, her partner Stephanie, my wife, and I have been intermitently meeting to discuss Graham Wards book Cities of God. Robyn has posted some initial thoughts on the book. I probably will do so here soon, since I am getting close to finishing the book. Expect a review and some comment involving the art of Dali in the near future
Lastly, I have not commented on this primarily because I have not had time to follow the discussion and debate in any detail. However, if you want some good theological dialogue and debate follow the link to Clifton's blog. Some good if heady stuff, if only I had the time, which this post should indicate I do not have. I will say you will have alot to dig through as this debate has been going for awhile but worth even simply perusing in my opinion.