Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Say Hello To Clive for Me

Last night was quite amazing for me as a writer of the screenplay for the film Say Hello to Clive for Me, as we had our first rehersal. I was not an integral part of the rehersal, but it was the first time I saw the whole cast and began to see how they might give life to the characters and story we had written. It was exhilirating and fulfilling. Exhilirating to see how the actors drew from the script things we had not seen as writers and yet fit the characters and the circumstances the characters were in. Steve, our director, had the actors go around and give there sense of the Character and how they thought they would play that character. Then we had a cold read through. I understand that many actors don't like the read through, and certainly much of the screenplay can't come to life there, and yet for me as a writer it was fulfilling as voice was given to these characters and as the actors began to feel out who these people were and how they were to play them: the screenplay was coming to life before my eyes.
Soon we will be shooting, our goal is to have the film finished for submission to Sundance Film Festival, by the deadline of September 16th. We are shooting in June and July, and editing end of July through August.
Bellow is a letter from the director of the film, Steven Luce. Although we have both been able to through our own limited funds and getting things without cost etc. we have been able to cut much from our budget but still have a few things for which we cannot get without funds. So, if you'd like to be part of this film in someway we are offering anyone who would donate 20 dollars or more a place in the credits of the film as those who made the film possible. I have placed a paypal donate buton in my side bar should you like to donate some money to the film. Thankyou for your consideration and do e-mail me if you make a contribution so that I may thank you and ensure that you are added to our list of those who are making this film possible.

Dear Friends,
Two years ago I set out to tell the story of five aspiring criminals who, with the help of a local delivery runner, stumble on the biggest heist of their young careers, only to find themselves caught in a spiraling game of cat and mouse with a local crime family. Armed with an insatiable appetite to learn, a rich background in visual communication, and a handful of talented, dedicated friends, I embarked on a journey that has grown from a handful of character ideas and a sketchy plot outline into my first feature-length film project, Say Hello to Clive for Me. As we prepare to start filming, we are committed to the idea that it is the character of your story and size of your imagination that determines the quality of your movie, not the size of your budget. Back Burner Films, the company I founded for the purpose of producing this project and others like it, is built on that commitment.
At this point, we have completed our script, broken out a shooting schedule and budget, staffed and outfitted our crew, auditioned and selected our cast, recruited our locations, gathered most of our props, and are poised to begin filming in a little under a month. This is where the fun begins.
When we started this project, we estimated that we would need nearly $150,000 in equipment, insurances, props, costumes, office supplies, etc., to fulfill my vision for this film. I challenged myself and my team to make it happen. To date, through the brilliant efforts of my directors and crew, we have been able to account for over $135,000 of those expenses without spending a single penny. However, the remaining expenses cannot be covered through ingenuity, and we need $15,000 to set up a limited liability company for the film, to purchase the necessary insurances and licenses, and to account for a smattering of miscellaneous expenses that we were unable to borrow or pull out of our own closets (such as guns for our mobsters and media to record the film on).
I am writing to ask you that you consider supporting us in this project at whatever level you are able. In return for your gracious generosity, you will receive a mention in the films credits and, of course, our eternal gratitude.
I thank you in advance for your consideration, and hope to add your name to our growing list of contributors.
Best regards,
Steven R. Luce
Director, Say Hello to Clive for Me
Back Burner Films

PS. for any who are more comfortable sending a check drop me a line and I'll forward information for where and to whom to send a check. Thanks Larry.