Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yes I am a Pastor

I realize this is not necesarily obvious to one how happens on this blog, so thought I'd psot about it. This has come up occasionaly and a few posts back I posted on this fact. Those of you who know me outside the Net know this so being a pastor has been and usualy is for the most part concealed. Though the church start I am involved in, church of Jesus Christ Reconciler, is a link on my side bar. If I do not mention this fact much it is because when I concieved of this blog I had intended it as a outlet a part from my being a pastor of a church.
The question of my being a pastor also links up with the denomination in which I am a licensed minister, the Evangelical Covenant church. There is a little confusion here since I identify myself in the titel of this blog as a "Lutheran Pietist". Some often assume that first this means I am denominationaly Lutheran, and get confused over what the Evangelical Covenant Church is. The Evangelical Covenant Church is a denomination with a LutheranPietist theological heritage. We come out of the Sedish Luthern Church, and util the 1950's or even into the 1960's our catechism was Luther's smaller cathechism. Unfortunately (from my perspective) many in the denomination either don't remember this heritage or think this heritage to be unimportant.
Although this explicit anoutncement has been prompted by some comments/questions about my denomination and being a minister, it is also I think it is prompted by what I am sensing as a subtle change in my approach to this Blog. Initialy I wanted to write without reference to my involvements in the "real"world. Now, It seems that the blog is one space among many where I am seeking to explore how various elements of myself and the various communities I inhabit integrate in myslef and with my faith and role as pastor.
So for those of you who didnpt know, yes I am a pastor, a licensed minsiter in the Evangelical Covenant Church, and I am one of three pastors of the ecumenical church start Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler.