Friday, February 10, 2006

I think I am back now

It was a couple of weeks ago that I posted saying that due to computer problems I had been away but that I hoped to be posting regularly again.
That obviously didn't happen.
I have found though that I am a little unmotivated when it comes to the blog. It might be that I have begun to journal in a book (not that I actually view blogging as journaling) again, but journaling takes time.
I do have some things I'd like to post about. It is just getting back into taking certain thoughts I have during the day or jot down in my journal that I'd like to expand upon in this public forum.
There are some things that I will probably be exploring here in the next couple of weeks.
The Emergent Church thing is raising its head again this time because a cousin of mine in California is asking me about the movement and is concerned about the implications for her Church whose leadership is attaching itself to some emergent ideas. As many of you know I have defended the emergent movement in response to Orthodox and Roman Catholic criticisms. Given what I am hearing from my cousins I want to revisit and take on a fuller evaluation of this complex and decentralized movement.
Things at Reconciler are picking up, and I am reading a lot about Church planting and church growth and find that most of the theories and methods on one level or another are distasteful and seem to contradict the message of the Gospel church planters are supposed to be preaching and teaching. Mainly the issues I have with the literature stem from an emphasis on speed efficiency and guarantee rapid growth. It's like there is this technology of evangelism that is contrary to my reading of the Gospels and the New Testament.
Lastly, while I have been away I have continued to reflect on my relationship to Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, I have done some reading and I am currently reading Schmemann, powerful stuff. But some of my current thoughts stem from the fact that when I am out and about doing the work of a church planter I wear a clerical collar for the ease of identification. But of course most assume one is Roman catholic, in my neighborhood that has Jesuits and Franciscans I am asked usually if I am of one order or the other. I then explain that I am a Protestant pastor. That word "Protestant" has come to sound odd. I don't think I am protesting anything. So then why am I Protestant?
Well I will reflect on one or all of these in the coming week.