Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Posting again, at least for today

I simply find it difficult to blog with any sort of consistency. Partly because I find myself unable to simply dash of a post in the when things are busy or certain things simply are occupying my mind that are not really appropriate to air in a public forum like a blog.
Since the "Say Hello to Clive for Me" premiere, life has been very full: with things both for Reconciler, Community of the Holy Trinity and just plain trying to recover from three weeks of a temp job that simply bested me.
I have found myself with a moment this morning where I feel I can sit down and reflect on this blog. I am thinking that I need to find a way to make these moments happen more often, to try and just put a thought out there in this corner of cyberspace and let it stand.
I like blogging it just seems that at times it is more work than I want to put into it. Yet like right now once I do sit and begin to jot my thoughts down I very much find a release and find it relaxing. However, often the thought of blogging feels like another thing I need to do.
But this is not surprising. I started blogging only after resisting the idea for some time, and I read other peoples blogs as sporadically as I post.
It is odd that I find this space today in the midst of packing to move: the house in disarray trying to coordinate all that needs to happen before that final push next week. But here it is in the midst of boxes I am blogging.
I have a couple of thing I think I will post about before I leave this return to my blog, for at least today. I may not post again until June, but we will see.
Oh BTW someone a few weeks back asked about the topics list in my side bar. My blog is in a real sense constantly under construction, I have a lot of ideas for it, some have yet to appear others appear in part, like the topics list. I hope to organize some of my past posts into those categories but just haven't spent the time to make the links etc. Plus my knowledge of html and such things is limited so there is probably an easier and less time consuming way to do what I am attempting to do but simply don't know it. So, someday that list may actually have actuall links to most of the topics for now there are only the couple of links. If I would spend more time with my blog more might happen, but then that is what this post is about, that I simply can't bring myself to be more than occasionally involved with my blog. Perhaps that will change.