Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Practicing Resurection Conference

I returned from the Practicing Resurection conference yesterday morning. Kate's workshops on Fashion went well and were well recieved, and I was able to get some much needed rest and time for reflection. I am still processing the time there. While I only attended one other workshop than Kate's I did engage with many of those there and it was interesting to be part of something that was dominated by Christian Reformed (CRC) folks. *Culture is Not Optional(*CINO) and most of the other sponsoring groups of the conference are CRC Though *CINO intends to create ecumenical networks beyond CRC, thus the presence of a Catholic Worker, Kate myself and other's.
The location of the conference is Russet House Farm, which is a community sustainable organic farm. They are entirely off the grid and produce their own electiricity using solar wind, and a propane generator (80%,10%, and 10% respectively). There are two large gardens, chickens ducks, cows pasture and forest on the 150 acre farm. Most of those who attended the conference camped on hte farms property, since this conference is part of *CINO's, Camping is not Optional. component As presenters Kate and I were billeted at a nearby neighbor and friends house, Gary Lean., who was also a workshop presenter. We were definietly among the more solidly urban attendees of this conference, of course being on a farm and all agrarianism was very much an emphasis, though by no means an exclusive one.
The next few days will probably be postings on my reflections and musings on my time with these mostly CRC and somewhat radical gathering of Christians.

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