Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Re-arranging and some additions

Well I have been planning to add some links and re-work my sidebar and I began this tonight, who knows I may actually have the topics list with more than just two working links.
but first there are two new blogs I am linking two in the side bar John Beeler's AKA The Young Fogey, A Conservative Blog for Peace. The Young Fogey and I have been dialoguing on my blog now off and on for about a year, and a link to him in my side bar is long over due.
I also have been meaning to link for sometime to a blogger I know only through the Anglobaptist, but whose blog Endlesslyrocking I enjoy when I remember to go and visit. Perhaps now that I have him in my list I will visit more often.
Maybe tommorrow there will be links to some of those topics.