Saturday, September 02, 2006

Long Drive, Short Visit

My wife and I drove down to North Carolina yesterday: A very long but mostly pleasant drive. Reminded me a little of family vacations as a kid, good memories. So I enjoyed the drive actually. We thankfully only caught the tail end of Ernesto in eastern Kentucky and into West Virginia.
We drove down to pick up Kate's fathers library and a few other things that have been in Kate's mother's storage unit here since June. So, the library of the community will now be doubled and we have a prayer desk, a very beautiful peice.
We loaded up the cargo van we rented earlier today. I am tired. We plan to return early Monday morning, I need to conserve my energy.
I notice people have commented on my Historicity and Continuity post. I don't even have the energy to even read what you have read.
I will say though that as some of you know I use this forum at times to get at what I think, and push on some ideas arround see where they take me and see how if at all people respond. The last time I did something like this no one really responded so I am glad I have some takers this time.
The discussion that was happening over at Triablogue sent me to some things I had been thinking through years ago, that were partially dealt with in my senior paper for my M. Div, it also took me to refelct on the the nature of the historical and history as a disciplin. All a lot of fun, but I wanted to let people know that I am not sure I agree with everything I wrote, so don't be surprised if as I respond and reflect further that things will morph a bit.
Well that's all now for a nap with my wife.