Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Returning to Continuity and Historicity, sort of

It appears that I am more interested in the topic of this post than my readers or those over at Triablogue. Which is kind of a pitty because it is I think an interesting thing to sort out, and does effect I think how one interacts with Scripture. Esepcially since the collection of the books of the Bible is itself an effect of this continuity and there are historians very willing to dismiss Scripture based on how it was collected through time.
Granted there is an element of faith on either side of this question (that is if one is coming from a Christian POV), but I find it helpful and interesting to sort this stuff out and to explore the limits of our human reasoning. Especially when while there is faith there is also reasoning and good better and worse ways to think about these things. I at least want to sort out my thinking on these things and at least aim for good reasoning. On this question I am not sure I am there yet.
I am still a little deflated that Steve and the readers over at Triablogue didn't find my post worthy of a real responce. But then I suppose it is not surprising, most of what they write over there does not hold my interest. I really only engaged in this conversation in the first place because I found Steve's responce to the his Orthodox interlocutor fascinatingly wrong headed, and thus missing the point entirely. And I don't engage in the sort of ananlysis they do over there.