Friday, October 20, 2006

Gothic art!? I don't think so... okay, well maybe.

On Sunday my friends from Overhang were over looking at the paintings I have in my studio. They are looking for cover art for the album they are about to release and want me to possibly do some paintings for that end. Grant and I know each other pretty well, but I know Joel less well. As I showed them my pieces they were telling me about what they were hoping for in possible art for the album and what they had looked at thus far. Joel really liked my icongraphic work, and at some point he said that that what they were after wasn't so gothic and that my paintings seemed very gothic to him. I bit my toungue, but I thought my painting isn't gothic!
Now you might ask why I objected to my art being described as "gothic", since not only am I a goth but I have a blog titled Priestly Goth. It primarily has to do with that most art that i have seen which bills itself as "gothic" art is just awful. For that reason and that I am not seeking to create "gothic" art and paintings it sort of stung a little to hear Joel describe my art as gothic.
But then as I was putting my stuff away I put three of my paintings from different periods of my work side by side. I had to admit perhaps my art is just a wee bit gothic. Bellow are the three paintings Melancholia after Durer is the most recent (actually it is a sketch of a series of paitings, of which only one is completed and hangs in a friends living room, abastracting Durer's wood cut Melancholia I.) the untitled peice is 7 years old.
Melancholia after Durer

Persona-Multiple Signiture


Joel might just have a point.