Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Quiz

I found this viw the Winged Man It interesting and fun. Not surprising I suppose though am often not in agreement with St Augustine or so it seems to me, but in this case I am closest to him, given that my upbringing is basicaly Lutheran it is not really surpristing. There is appearantly nothign in more ethical philosophy that approaches Thomas Hobbes, though I due seem to have a good deal of Sartre, but I agree apparantly more with Ayn Rand than I do Nietzsche. Hmm interesting.

Ethical Philosophy Results
The results are scored on a curve. The highest score, 100, represents the closest philosophical match to your reponses. This is not to say that you and the philosopher are in total agreement. However this is a philosophy that you may want to study further.
Your Results:

Your Results:

1. St. Augustine   (100%)  Click here for info
2. Aquinas   (97%)  Click here for info
3. Spinoza   (75%)  Click here for info
4. Jean-Paul Sartre   (73%)  Click here for info
5. John Stuart Mill   (72%)  Click here for info
6. Ockham   (70%)  Click here for info
7. Kant   (64%)  Click here for info
8. Aristotle   (60%)  Click here for info
9. Jeremy Bentham   (54%)  Click here for info
10. Plato   (47%)  Click here for info
11. Nel Noddings   (47%)  Click here for info
12. Prescriptivism   (35%)  Click here for info
13. David Hume   (29%)  Click here for info
14. Epicureans   (29%)  Click here for info
15. Ayn Rand   (28%)  Click here for info
16. Stoics   (28%)  Click here for info
17. Cynics   (23%)  Click here for info
18. Nietzsche   (19%)  Click here for info
19. Thomas Hobbes   (0%)  Click here for info

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