Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have not mentioned it often on this blog but I am a painter (as well as an iconographer). I am currently working with the band Overhang on art for their soon to be released CD. I completed the first painting and now have begun work on the second peice working more closely with the lead singer, Grant and lead guitarist, Joel,. We met a few weeks ago, and Joel suggested I post photos of my progress. So I thought I'd begin by posting the sketches for the first piece I did and the piece "The Bard and the Dragon" which is nearly finished. In the next few days I will post the sketch that we worked off when we last met. I'll also post the resulting rough sketch (very rough) when I have uploaded a picture of it.

Here is the rough pencil sketch:
minstrelbard and Dragon sketch

Playing with the image and colors in a paint program:
minstrelbard and Dragon sketch color
Final sketch"
minstrelbard and Dragon sketch colorgrant

The Bard and the Dragon:
bard and Dragon 2
(All the pictures I took of the painting cut of the top inch or two of the painting so the composition of the picture does not quite reflect the composition of the painting. LEK)