Thursday, January 04, 2007

Prophesy and Swearing

So, the corner of the blogosphere I wander through has been bemoaning Pat Robertson Prophesying again and the furor over Kieth Elison desire to swear his oath of office on the Koran. Follow the links here and here, over at A Conservative Blog for Peace.(he's linked to most people I'd link to anyway and it's always good to poke around his blog) I have stopped worrying about Pat Robertson along time ago, I can only agree with Huw Raphael, he doesn't seem to worship and know the God I know, despite the fact that he deceptively uses the same names as I do. And the same can be said for Don Wildman of the American Family Association: clearly according to him the Christian God is American and the only true American is a Christian (or is it the only true Christian is an American, it gets a little fuzzy at times.)

I put these two items together because it seems that in the consciousness of both Christians and non-Christians alike Robertson and Wildmon represent figures that somehow represent Christianity to ourselves. I really am unclear how this is possible. Why is it that these are the figures that are "typical" of Christianity and why some perhaps many walk away from the Church and Christianity. Are we so afraid of the word heresy that we cannot speak it about these abuses of the Christian faith? I am beginning to wonder if our tolerance is biting us in the collective ass when a group called the religious right supposedly represents to the American public the Christian faith, and we who do not agree with these folk must wring our hands and exclaim these don't represent me or traditional Christianity. And this fact should be blatantly obvious to anyone who actually knows the tenants of the one holy catholic and apostolic church. Let's all say it loud and clear that is not the faith once delivered to the saints, if enough of us start saying it perhaps it will register in the popular consciousness and Spong will have less ground to stand on. (oh sorry, but that is another post!)