Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time to mul and reflect, or "I'll emerge sooner or latter"

Last Friday I was going to post a longer reflection in response to a post by the Winged Man. And didn't. Might do so still. You can read the core of what that post would be or might be in the comments I left on that post.

I keep meaning to post something here, but it takes to much energy. I do not seem to have the ability (other than in this meta way)of quickly shooting off a blog post. What you encounter here is fairly filtered, as I believe such a public forum as a blog should be.

What this filtering means is that at times I have a lot of things on my mind, but none of it ready for posting. the Winged Man's post is just one of many topics and ideas floating around in my brain, and that is stuff that doesn't have to do with sermons to be preached and Bible Studies to lead. Those take a good bit of energy as well.

So the week or so of not posting is due to this pattern of needing to work through my thoughts until they become cogent enough for presentation.
One post I have attempted twice now to write up is on Christendom, but my thoughts are still too disorganized.

I also find that in this phase of things I also read other blogs less, and the Internet itself is just a little odious. Essential e-mail and that is about all, maybe read a news article or two, one or two blogs but that is about it.

I have thought just about finished the paining I have been working on and will post a photo of it in it nearly finished stage today.