Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Bard Paintings for Overhang

Well I have been working on the cover art for Overhang since about last November and they are about to be completed. The band is having a photographer over tonight to take pictures for the graphic artist to use in putting together the cover and liner notes.
I had trouble getting good lighting for "The Bard Amongst the Tombs" in its basically completed form. There is one last thing I need to do on the quarter circle in the corner and then it will be finished.
This one reads darker than the painting reads in person:
Bard amongst the tombs a

This one emphasizes the highlights more than is read in person:
Bard amongst the tombs

I have lived with the Bard and Dragon for four months feeling that there was something imbalanced and wrong with the painting. I finally realized that I tried to do too much in the painting and had to remove the large floating flower and the floating tree. Generally if I am not satisfied with a painting I have come to realize that I have done too much made it too busy or put in elements that do not belong in the painting. I don't really notice this though until after sitting with a nearly completed painting for awhile. Sometimes the problem can't be remedied, thankfully in this case it could.
Here it is part way through the editing process:
bard and dragon edit 1