Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nothing about the 4th

So, I am experimenting a bit, but if anything will come of it we will see. I have joined a few online social networking: specifically mybloglog and Ning. I also have a MySpace page but I dislike everything about MySpace. I think the virtual community thing eludes me a bit. Though I am drawn to the idea. But then I have trouble connecting with other networks some of which overlap with the virtual. So, we'll see.

I have been under the weather for the past couple of days that has finally past. I have had a few posts in the works as I was making changes over the weekend.
a little prelude to what hopefully will lead to some substantive posts.
I finished Oscar Wilde: A Certain Genius by Barbara Belford. It was an enjoyable read, even if at times a little confusing in terms of chronology. I am finding I am completely fascinated by Wilde, and that period. Actually I think I have always been, Bram Stoker and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who also fascinate me are contemporaries of Wilde. But then aspects of this late 19th century England and Europe period do find their way into the Goth Tapestry.
I am also finishing Jean-Luc Marion's The Idol and Distance. I think I might have some preliminary remarks on his take on the Pseudo-Dionysian mystical texts, that he reads along side Nietzsche and the 19th century German poet Holderlin, who plays a significant role in Heidegger's later philosophy.

My hope is to post these reflections in the next couple of days. but we will see. My mother-in-law will be in town this weekend and one of the members of the community is having birthday celebrations: so it will be a busy weekend. So we will see.