Friday, August 24, 2007

Public Transprotation Story

I imagine this is probably so in most cities with public transportation, but chicagoans who ride the CTA love to swap horrible train stories, and one of the newly invented tabloids encourages this behavior, by having a column devoted to it. At times I am amused, and at times irritated by this, because largely I think the CTA is not as bad as everyone seems to convince themselves it is and really while it has its faults, every public transportation system I have ridden has its upsides and down sides. And if you want a truly horrid system ride the system in Budapest 13 years ago! (Hopefully it has improved since then I don't know, haven't been back to see.)
Bucking this trend my wife has posted on the person she encounters on the train, she call's the "praying man". It is a beautiful post.