Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some Links for you on a Thrusday

The Anglobaptist is working again on his thesis, and he has some interesting (at least to me) reflections on beginning again with Chrysostom and Calvin, here and here

My Aunt and Uncle founded a ministry for "at risk" children several years ago called KidTrek My cousin and their son has now joined the team as President and CEO, and they have revised the vision for the ministry and are talking about sending missionaries to the States

You may have heard the hullabaloo in early October over the Patriarch of Moscow's speech to the Council of Europe. I know I am a little behind on this but I think Steve Hays gives context and some good thoughts here Appearantly, the media took statements out of context and ran with the misinterpretation that resulted from the de-contextualized remarks, and bloggers ran even further with that in pure reaction. Ask me if I'm surprised? Steve brings back the context and links to the translation of the speech.