Saturday, December 22, 2007

A couple of conversations

The The Young Fogey linked to this post a few days ago in which the author asks simply "Why aren't you Orthodox?" On my first visit I was not able to post my answer. As some of you know who read this blog that question is never really all that far from my mind as is the related question of "Why aren't you Roman Catholic?" You can read my response here though I would also recommend reading the 22 or so comments, as I in one way or another related to most of how people responded to the question.

Also Pastor Gavin and I have been having a conversation around politics and Christian faith. Some readers may be interested to know that in that conversation I admit to being something of an anarchist (A Christian one mind you so, who knows if any other anarchists would recognize it as an anarchist position but that seems to be my lot in such things.) Whether or not the label of anarchist will stick to the things I argued for and am saying I think it is an interesting dialog. The spring board for the conversation are first this post about Pastor Gavin at an Obama rally and this post about the possible fallout of his congregation finding out about his support of Obama.

Well I hope you enjoy these conversations, and feel free to join in either place, or post any thoughts here.

I am off tomorrow to be with family for a week and don't know what sort of access to the internet I will have while away. If you are celebrating Christmas I wish you a very merry Christmas. If I find myself at a computer with internet I will post while a way if not my first opportunity to post will be New Years Eve.