Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Gothishness

I have a pair of platform boots, that certainly make a goth outfit even more impressive. Sometimes people have asked do I really need platform boots? I am about 6ft. 2in., so not in needing a boost to my hight. I do realize that they make me tower over people even more than usual, but they are really cool boots. Here's a picture of them Ranger boot Only the pair I have are not patent leather. However when the weather is like this:
These boots are the best boots. The large platforms are very steady underfoot and what you can't make out from the photo is that these boots have great tread. I can walk through snow, on ice etc. And when the snow starts to melt and slushy puddles form on street corners the platforms keep my shoes actually out of the puddles. So my Goth boots not only look cool, which is great, but they also are awesome in the cold winter months in Chicago. And so yes I need those boots for so many reasons.