Friday, February 01, 2008

To you with a Clipboard on the Corner

Well actually this is directed to Greenpeace and other organizations who send idealist fresh young faces to accost people on street corners for donations. Really just stop, and not because I am against what your organization does or is about. Stop, because it is a nuisance and a waste of everyone's time!

I will not give those enthusiastic young people my personal information and certainly not credit card information, and I am astounded that this has become a practice.

Here are a few of the reasons why to me these street corner campaigns are anathema: 1) any support of charitable organizations or causes are things my wife and I always discuss before supporting (usually my wife is not with me when I am out during the day and accosted on street corners.) 2) support for causes and organizations is not or at least should not be impulse or pressured "buying"! You people of all people should want support of your organizations to come from reasoned and thought out responses! 3) In the age of identity theft are you daft asking for personal and credit card information on the street?!

So just stop. Doing this makes your organization look like daft desperate fools! (Some people already think this of you, why reinforce a negative image?) Certainly there are better things you can have your young idealist fresh faced recruits do with their time and your money (of which you apparently don't have enough) for the cause they are so ardently pushing on street corners.