Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Vigil Sermon

Happy Easter. I preached last night at the Easter Vigil Service of Immanuel, St. Elias and Reconciler. It was a very short sermon and more a brief introduction to the vigil. You can read it here. At our joint Easter service this morning Laura my co-pastor and Reconciler's Episcopal priest, presided and Pastor Monte of Immanuel preached.
This is the third year we have had joint services with Immanuel and St. Elias and this year several members of Immanuel talked to me about how they appreciated and enjoyed worshiping together and having members of Reconciler in more roles from ushers to readers than in previous years. This is a good sign for our joint services began with a necessity (how to plan high holy day services for three different churches at three different times in the same space) and a desire among the clergy to work together. It is good to see that desire now emerging from the laity.