Tuesday, April 15, 2008

National Workshop on Christian Unity

This morning I was at the National Workshop on Christian Unity being held here in Chicago this week. The AngloBaptist was on the local planning committee from the American Bapsist churches and managed to convince the committee to have the pastors from Reconciler, Immanuel and St Elias come and give a seminar on our three congregations, our ecumenical relationship and our joint worship services. This morning was our presentation. It was my first time at an official ecumenical gathering. Still trying to process the experience there was much that I found exiting and interesting and also felt a little out of place and odd.
We had a very low turn out at our seminar, but those who were there were very engaged with what he had to say and we ended up fielding very good and thoughtful questions from those who came to the seminar. The small turn out was disappointing but the interaction with those who came was very satisfying, and it was good to explore the relationship between our three congregations and our ecumenical vision in the context of a seminar. Plus it looks like we may give a similar seminar to a different audience in the fall, so that is kind of cool.
I have more to say about the over all experience and the keynote address, but my thoughts on that are still a little underdeveloped so I will probably write about that in my next post.
(Ed. The St. Elias link now works, and will send you to their web site. LEK 4/16/2008)