Monday, April 28, 2008


The link to the sermon is now fixed, it should now take you to the sermon. LEK 4/29/2008
It seems that I am back to writing manuscripts of my sermons. After posting on my struggle with the sermon for this past Sunday I ended up writing a okay manuscript. I had a wedding celebration to go to Sunday afternoon so I had to finish my sermon Saturday night, which I know is the norm for most pastors but I do take advantage of Reconciler having a 5PM service. But as I got up and prepared for a Sunday with both a wedding reception and preaching, I ended up deciding that I needed to use David J's song No Faith from his Urban Urbane album. So, I changed the introduction which essentially meant I changed the entire sermon. I had the manuscript I wrote but did not read it or follow it exactly. The Sermon posted then is a facsimile of what I said last night. Though more an editing of the original manuscript to hopefully reflect something of what was actually preached, though I know that I said things that I have not remembered well enough to put in a manuscript.
I am finding that of late I think my sermons have been around the theme of the faith and the church being something that needs to be in conversation with the surounding culture and context but charting its own course according to its own logic, the logic of the Gospel