Thursday, August 28, 2008

I thought there was a post here

It has been a while since I posted here. It has been a season of few posts this late spring and summer. The reasons are complex, but largely are due not so much to not having time as that there is alot going on that makes blogging and the interwebs more a distraction than an aid. Or in the least things that are uppermost in my life and spiritual journey are not easy to plot out in a blog post.
I am wrestling with community and the varieties of ways it is simplistically conceived in our context especially on the internet. Also, I am still living in that space I described in some posts this past spring of being on the edge of my faith and wondering about a nomadic faith. And it seems now that I am here to write a prolegomena about these sorts of things. I thought I might have something more specific to write, but now that I have sat down to type it has gone out of my head.
On a completely different note I have joined and am currently listening to some Darkwave, and was introduced to some German Darkwave I had not known before. Very nice. Last night I listened to a whole set of Psychobilly, very cool.
Well, that's it for now. Things are brewing and some of it may make it here. I am also preparing to lead a retreat for another church here in the Chicago area, and some of these things I am working out to lead that group through on their retreat. I am looking forward to that but it is also a good bit of work. Also, I am preaching this Sunday and it seems the contemplative mystical basis of our faith simply wont let me go. I will probably post on that sermon next week sometime. Or if there's something to share before I preach the sermon there might be post.