Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Some links and Reflection

Catapult's latest issue "Self Diagnosis" is out. Check it out. I found the article A Meditation on Two Doctors Appointmentsparticularly moving, and I think expresses a number of things: the importance of the body in Christian spirituality (and that many forms of Christianity fail to teach this.) as well as expressing what might be called a "postmodern" or "emergent" attitude towards faith, science, medicine and Eastern medicine and meditation. Not that I am particularly enamored of either the term "postmodern" or "emergent", but they are terms used for real phenomena in our current context, and I think this article is a healthy example of both. Well read it for yourself and let me know what you think or leave a comment on the conversation page

Also, I commend the reading of the article Reworking the Recipe also in the current issue of Catapult, explores how we deal with gaps or "missing ingredients in the recipe" in ones faith tradition. The article is addressing some of what I was addressing in my sermon on Sunday. Where I went with the issue of what we might be missing of have forgotten is to look towards catholicity.

Along different subject matter I have been meaning to link to a new blog: Queeresque To give you an idea of the blog its subtitle is the "Burlesque of Gender Deconstruction."

Well that is what I have for now.