Saturday, May 16, 2009


Tonight we are having a birthday party for two members of the community: a steampunk birthday party. several of the members of the community have in the past year begun to take more interest in Steampunk. This feels very familiar to me because at least in terms of fashion and aesthetic I have long encountered elements of Steampunk in the Goth scene. At some point I'd like to discover what the connection if any between these Steampunk aesthetic and fashion elements in the Goth scene and the Steampunk literature. I wonder also if some would take issue with my connecting Steampunk and Goth. Certainly it is becoming a scene and sub-culture all its own. However, Goth often embraces and encompasses scenes and sub-cultures that are also separate from the Goth scene. The Fetish scene is one that immediately comes to mind, as does cyberpunk. I have heard there is now a Steampunk club or bar in LA. So, at least in LA it perhaps has moved beyond the goth scene though it seems to me that those into Steampunk in Chicago at least go to goth clubs.

So, this goth is very pleased that his Hippy house mate and Quaker house mate are into Steampunk aesthetic, it feels quite familiar and I have been seeing Steampunk fashion and aesthetic in Goth clubs for years.