Sunday, August 09, 2009

A quote on Church evangelism and worship.

So, I have been attempting all week to post something but what I have attempted to write was still not ready to post. Couldn't find that place between posting something that could give some idea about my thoughts on some things I ahve been reading and short essays that really need more work and may or may not work for this blog.
So instead here is a quote from the last essay in Remembering our Future: Explorations in Deep Church.

"Church is not another organization primarily committed to individual or community development. It is a community of worship who express their love and gratitude to God. Worship is not the method of evangelism it is the sacrificial offering of the community in love with their redeemer and their creator; it is the spirit-filled response to a gracious invitation." Mark Wakelin "Education, Discipleship and community formation" (pg. 224, Remembering our Future)

I think I mostly agree with this, though I may nuance things a little differently.

PS. this is an interesting collection of essays of evangelicals and charismatics, mostly British who are attempting to get at Emergent questions and critique evangelicalism and charismatic renewal from the perspective of Tradition, or what they are calling Deep Church.