Saturday, September 26, 2009

Session Seven (cont.)

Three correlations- and this risks simplifying the complex.

Augustin's context of a Bishop pastoring those whose spirituality that is less than athletic, influence Augustine interpretation as he attempts to interpret the texts as for those under his pastoral care?

And with Wesley, is it his context of fighting nominal faith lead to Wesley's interpretation?

and IN our time in which Christin morality is not dominant and thus don't have the category of sin and they will only have that category and struggle after conversion and not before?

Looking at history of interpretation, which have proved enduring and credible across contexts. But for Romans 7 drawing that map of plausibility is difficult. And so it is hard to see what direction to take in interpretation.

However, there are things we can see there is a sense of Romans 7 of a movement towards God through the struggle with sin. Though thee may be other things going on at the same time.
The ways Protestant have give attention to this aspect of Romans 7 they have emphasized to heavily introspection. In their introspective use is where Protestant interpreters find a pastoral application of Romans 7. This use of the text we find unfaithful to Paul, even though Paul was using the idea of struggle with sin as a journey to God.
But do we know how to use this text and how Romans 7 addresses us, both about sin and conversion?

Howe do we think this text should be used in the mission of the Church?