Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sixth session of NPTS Symposium on Conversion

Andrew Dearman, Conversion in the OT

Illustration: Carla Fe Tucker in Texas prison system on Death Row. No doubt about her guilt. As a young woman she had killed someone and convicted of that crime. Converted in prison and then lived an exemplary life in prison. Discussion in media, was what was a conversion worth. In the end the Governor of Texas refused to commute her sentence, or pardon. And question was asked is this the same person who killed the person 20 years earlier.

Language of conversion in OT, for example Jeremiah's language, where it is said that God will remember their sins no more.

Three observations:
1) say quite a bit about definitions
2) Scholars will not agree about those definitions.
3) the speaker will not spend alot of time on definitions.

Broadly define from dictionary-
Laboratory, scientific conversion tables-
Fundamental transformation-
Broad definition is conversion transformation, and the OT has much to say about this and not so much about individuals. But groups, and even the cosmos, the conversion of the cosmos. The view of OT is Cosmos, Nations and then individuals.

Can speak of conversion of Israel, and renewal of cosmos.

question of Individuals, this is secondary- Rahab is often thought of as a convert. King Menassah. The book of Jonah, not mentioned, but everything and everyone is capable transformation and conversion except for Jonah. Ninevites, shortest sermon in the Bible, that has tremendous effect. Nineveh can repent, even God is capable of changing direction and purpose.