Tuesday, December 29, 2009

St Nicholas Icon and my absence

So, I had intended to post the pictures of the last stages and the finished icon, but then got busy and then was sick on and off again for about two and a half weeks, and then I was preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

So bellow are two pictures from the final stages of writing the icon. I have not taken any pictures of the finished icon, but I did finish it in time for St. Nicholas day and it was in Reconciler's worship service on December 6th. I also preached on St Nicholas for that service.

St Nicholas highilights and detials further highlights and details.

St Nicholas Almost finished here, a few more details, especially on the Gospel book, and have yet to write the inscription.

I will post a picture of the finished Icon in the next day or so.

Also, I realized I never published the third part on my exploration of history, and the self. I was also about to post that third and final installment but wasn't satisfied with what I had and then I got sick and haven't looked at it again. I will have to look at it again and let you know if there will be a third part posted or if what I have posted will be all for now on that subject.

I have been reading Lathrop's The Pastor: A Spirituality. It has got me in quite a reflective mood, I may post on The Pastor before I get around to posting the third installment of History and the self.