Monday, February 22, 2010

The weekend

Over the weekend the community had a room shuffle. We are preparing to have 7 people in the community house. The most we have ever had and we had hoped that we would already be in the second living space by now, but we are still awaiting some construction that has yet to be done before we move in. so 4 of the current six members were moving rooms so we will have room for the seventh person who has been away for the past 4 months. Until we can move into the second space, which hopefully will be soon. That took up Saturday and we are still working on finishing that up.

Before that it had been a full week, with Ash Wednesday and a number of appointments, so I was not able to work as much as I would have like on my sermon for Sunday. On Saturday morning I had no real idea what I was going to preaching on the first Sunday of Lent. But one thing about moving is that one can also rehearse lines of thought for a sermon, or so I discovered on Saturday. By Saturday afternoon I had realized that the core of what I was going to preach I had already written in Reconciler's bi-weekly e-newsletter.

If you think I had some time Saturday evening to work on the sermon you are mistaken as it was closing night for the Busch Fest and cast party and birthday celebration of the stage manager and props guy. We left there somewhat early but I was very tired, so we went right to bed when we came home.

Sunday then was spent getting the sermon together. And it did come together though not as well thought out as I'd have liked, but it did prompt some good discussion and a couple of conversations after the service. Sometimes I think that the less polished sermons invite more engagement, if I leave some holes in the presentation then people are able to fill in the blanks left. I perhaps need to think about that more and see if there are ways to achieve this even in a more polished sermon.

So given that weekend I did not post anything, as is obvious, and I think the demonstrates why. I really didn't have any energy to post anything here over the weekend.