Saturday, March 06, 2010

Weekend distractedness: Repentance and Enlightenment and a Birthday

Well a sermon is rattling around and will eventually come out. Its on repentance. Leonard Cohen's song The Future has been playing in my head largely because of the part of the refrain "...When they said Repent, Repent, I wonder what they meant..." For a time I thought of using the song in my sermon but most of the lyrics would simply distract from the point I feel lead to make and that is that repentance is something other than avoiding the wrath of an angry god- something quite other.

Also, I can't get Jodorowsky's film the Holy Mount out of my head. I will need to see it again soon. The ending of the film and my sense that there isn't a take on enlightenment given in that film has me a bit distracted. I want to probe the film more. So, I am wondering what is the connection between enlightenment and repentance. Is there one, and if so what would it be. Certainly I don't think there really is a depiction of repentance in the film. But is repentance a particularly Christian concept.

And then there was simply a lot going on at the 'Nidge today. A great deal of activity and today was the birthday of one of our members and there was a party at an establishment near by and some were going to the Neo-Futurists afterward. I Joined the party for a while and had a couple of pints of excellent Belgian beer, but all of this is just spinning in my head. Well I was kind of hoping this might lead to some profound insight into what I am preaching tomorrow it has not so back to sermon work proper.