Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Icons For the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Fest

Last week I began work on the two smaller Icons for my installation art piece for the Big Sculpture Garden at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Fest in Logan Square.
(initially forgot to put in the link, it is there now LEK)

Today I begin the first layers of paint on the icons. Here they are in their initial stages. I had wanted to use actual gold leaf, but it turns out Dick Blick store near me doesn't care real gold leaf in the store, you can only order it on line from Dick Blick. I couldn't afford overnight and couldn't wait for shipping time, so composite gold leaf it had to be. I am though pretty happy with this composite gold leaf it is still harsher than gold, but it is pretty good imitation of real gold. Also, since for a variety of reasons mostly logistical I am painting these in acrylic paint, and not using egg tempera, which I usually use when writing icons.

Mother of God Galaktotrophousa
Mother of God Galaktotrophousa

Christ Pantocrator
Jesus Christ Pantocrator

Both Icons together in my studio
Two icons for MAAF