Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haven't found my way to a post in awhile.

Early August had a fairly significant loss, some of you who read this Blog and know Kate and I in person know what that is. Since then I have started a couple of posts but just haven't been able to edit them to something I am comfortable with. I am always quite aware of the public nature of the internet, and certainly this blog. When I am feeling particularly vulnerable it makes it difficult to post my reflections and thoughts.

I have meant to post on a number of things, the Pastor who Threatened to burn Korans, the who "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy, to thoughts on Glen Beck and Social Justice, and most recently the publicized bullying and suicides. What I wrote may find its way into something I actually post in the next few months. To speak is to be vulnerable. To speak especially in this forum is to say things that will effect people, that will be hard to retract. When I am feeling particularly vulnerable that vulnerability is itself overwhelming.

Well just a brief note about why I haven't been blogging, though perhaps sometime this week there will be a post, on self-righteousness and the Coen brothers's films.