Friday, December 10, 2010

The Death Notes: In the Spider's Web

The Death Notes are described on their web site and in the promotional material I received for their new single as being comparable to Sonic Youth. Yet the latest single from this new band out of Nottingham UK, "In the Spiders Web" has the haunting growling whining guitar and driving beat of the early post-punk bands around which emerged the goth scene. This particulare song seems to be more kin to Sister's of Mercy Bauhaus and Christian Death than Sonic Youth. Their new single brings to this styling an energy and freshness that both makes the sound their own, and creates something other than just another goth song.

I was both impressed by this single a bit puzzled by the comparison until listening to songs released in The Death Notes self titled 2009 EP. At first I felt that this single was quite a departure from the EP especially songs like "Seismic" or "Decide" which do have an affinity with Sonic Youth. However as I listened both to the songs from the EP again and "In the Spiders Web", songs like "Sleepers" and "Cold Dawn" push against these various comparisons. The Death Notes certainly has echoes of various post-punk/goth/experimental rock, but from this small sampling is pursuing a fresh and living interpretation of the genres.

All in all I wish I was in Nottingham or at least the UK and could catch The Death Notes live. I'd say this is a band to listen to and to watch, we'll probably be pleasantly surprised with future releases. I look forward to a full album. "In the Spiders Web" is due to be released December 13th..