Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Midwinter 2011-Reflections- Worship and a Blizzard

I had thought I might make it out to the Hyatt O'Hare for the morning sessions of the conference this year, they made the latter in the morning 9 a.m. this year instead of 8 a.m. but that is still early when you are traveling out to O'hare from the north side of Chicago. So it feels a little weird since I also missed the evening session since the storm picked up greatly while in the afternoon session of the workshop I attended today.

Today the conference was more or less the workshop on worship. Turns out I had met Geoff Twigg the presenter at another conference in the fall last year on the history and present relationship between the Covenant Church and the Augustana Synod/ELCA. Currently I am feeling a bit bewildered by the workshop. I enjoyed it and think I got something from it, but now sitting down and reflecting on it I don't really know why I enjoyed it and even put off meeting a friend of mine because as I told him "I need to be at the second session of the workshop." I remember feeling this way, I also found the second session engaging, but now I can't quite put my finger on any thing about it.

I think one reason this may be is that the way he wrapped up the workshop, doesn't relate to me. though I realize now that if I had paid attention I should have realized this is where he was going. He wrapped up the workshop talking about the role of the Covenant Affirmations for "our" worship and what meaning and possible implications they may have for worship in Covenant churches. I had been of course thinking about all this in terms of Reconciler which is not a Covenant Church, and relating to a great deal of what Twigg was saying and even from some good challenges of what Twigg presented form other participants to Reconciler and how we chose and continue to choose to approach our worship life. However, while thinking about worship in terms of the covenant Affirmations made sense to me as a Covenant pastor there wasn't really a way to relate that easily to Reconciler.