Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've been listening and doing.  There is so much going on.  So, many voices.  It takes time to attend to what is around one.  Through social and other media through our virtual worlds, everything is around us.
I feel the pressure to speak.  We all are speaking all the time. Do we stop.  Do we hear.

Everyone seems convinced we are in crisis and we must all do and speak and act all the time... or else... What?  Or else the other will oppress us.  We will fail. We will fall into darkness and chaos.

Funny isn't our speech, our action sending us into a chaos where we see the other (the other political party, the other candidate, the other religion, the other...) as The threat to our identity, our freedom, our ability to be who we are.

Aren't we already in a chaos of free speech, of identities, have we not already descended into the spiral...

Perhaps we need to learn how not to speak, how not to act, how not to be concerned?

Perhaps we need to silence, ourselves, our fears, our identities, that we may attend to what is.  Silence so that we may find ourselves.

In silence perhaps we can find a less anxious way forward.  Perhaps we can envision a way forward that isn't dependent upon the halls of power, but is found in supporting our angency on the ground in our neighborhoods, outside of the paths of corporations, the State and Employers.

In silence, perhaps, we can find tactics of resistance based in the life, the abundant life, the Lord of life offers us in Jesus Christ.

I don't know, I'm too anxious still, too distracted by all the noise, fear, and anxiety to hear the call of an other way.