Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Preaching Beyond My Beliefs

Preaching can be an interesting exercise when one seeks to listen to all three lectionary texts at once.  Sometimes one finds resonances one hadn't seen before between familiar passages.
Or as happened for the sermon on August 25th, two weeks ago, I ended up preaching something that challenged me.  I hesitated to even post it, because I can't say I necessarily at this moment believe all that I preached.  It's not that I think I preached something false, or that I think is wrong.  Rather, what I preached was a new insight for me and also not clear on all the implications of what I preached.  It's an odd feeling.
The recurring theme of the sermon is what happens when God comes into our presence, for those to whom this happened, in the scriptures for August 25th, it was an unsettling and health bringing event.