Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lenten Reflections

What is Lent all about.  Most of my life I've been in congregations that observed Lent in some fashion, and yet sometime I lose sight of what it's all about.  This happens even though I'm a pastor and seek to lead people through the season of Lent.  Here are some meditations on line that I've found found helpful this time around.  I might be adding to this throughout Lent so check back.

First several reflections on lent and spiritual practices from Billy Kangas:
5 Creative Fasting Ideas
Letter Writing: A Spiritual Practice
Asperges Me- Deep cleaning during Lent
Lent is not a self-help program

One from my friend Jeremy John
Lent: Falling in Love with the Ordinary

Two from myself over at Priestly Goth ( a sermon and some thoughts on fasting).
Seeing the Lie Behind a Truth
Why Fast?