Thursday, December 16, 2004

Somehow this doesn't seem good

Jane posted her results from this test. She's Gandhi. Hmm.

Might I need to rethink some things? I am pretty sure I want to avoid both the assassination bit and the bloody civil war bit. Neither are good news for Reconciler nor the Covenant, nor for me for that matter. Hmm.
So, what famous leader are you Tripp?
This is funny to me. Who makes up these things and how to decide? In any case given that the only really positive options you could come up with are Gandhi and Mother Teresa, the quiz might be slightly skewed towards the negative.
And yet I find this somewhat insightful. It is true that I am generally mild mannered and I also know that I have a berserker tendency. I also, know that for a time my presence at a certain church was a thorn in the side for most of its leadership and that they were glad when I was gone. (not quite the same as assassination, but it might have crossed their minds). But this is all my reflection on what I already know. I make connections with (or not)the results based on what I already know about myself and laugh at what seems incongruous.
So maybe I have taken this far too seriously, but even this reflection is fun. So...