Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More from the "Say Hello To Clive for Me" Shoot

We have had ups and downs lately on set. Last week we simply had some horrible shoots tha we had to reshoot Sunday and this morning. That was particularly frustrating. Our director was out of town for two shoots last week and we were unable to get good footage with him gone. But we are basicaly caught up now, so we have not fallen behind schedule which is a good thing.
Sunday mornings shoot was great, we shot the two opening scenes and we got everything we wanted, even thought there was some skepticism on the part of our AD that we'd actually get everything shot.
The other frustration is that as often as not our extras simply have not shown. I suppose that is not surprising since they are not paid, and we have often been shooting at 4 AM. Understandable, in a way except that they were told about the time of the shoots when they agreed to be extras. This has meant that at different points members of the crew have become extras. Sunday, I was one of those. I was Customer One, and I even had a line. So, I am now in the film with a very small speaking part. I have my cameo that a number of you have been asking if I would have. So, for the extra who was supposed to play Costomer One thank you for not showing up, and giving me the oportunity to appear in the film. However, the next time you decide not to be an extra after agreeing to do so at least have the curtesy to call and let casting know you wont show it will help with the frustration on the part of the film crew.
But really why did you agree in the first place.