Sunday, June 19, 2005

Somewhat Delirious after a week of 4AM shoots

What a crazy week. A good portion of the crew on " Say Hello to Clive for Me" slept on Steve's floor all week, getting up at 2:30 AM to be on set at Salerno's Restaurant by 4 AM. Friday was the craziest day. Those of us on the crew who were at Steve's all slept through our alarms including Steve who woke upat 3:l5. So there was a mad rush to get things together pick up an actor, Sean Caplan, and get on set at Salernos Restaurant.
When we got on set there were further complications: we had faild to pick up pie needed for a scene an eggs for shooting a shot we forgot yesterday. Also only 2 of the 10 extras and including the waitress for the scene did not show. So crew served as extras and another extra served as the waitress.
Yet with all this we got all our shots including the one we missed yesterdqy and were out of salerno's @ 7:45.
I thinla I can speakfor all of us when I say that I am glad we dont have another 4 days in a row of 4 Am Shoots. Also Pete the ownerr of Salerno's has been most hospitable to us. We were treated well and he was eager to help today for example he cooked up the eggs we neeled. if your in the mood for Italian make your kay to Salarno's, 1201 West Grand and tell them the crew of Backburner Films sent you.
Yesterday was another crazy day due to some technical diffiulties and due to the fact that even with a full nights sleep we were still sleep deprived and a little delirius from the week, but we made it through and now we aren't on set again until Wednesday,