Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An Update from "Say Hello to Clive for me" Shoot.

We are in our second week of filming. We finished our fourth day of filming this morning. It has been an adventure already. Last week in the heat and humidity we were shooting in side with windows closed air conditioning off and under lights, its amazing none of us suffered heat stroke.
Our actors continue to shine and I am enjoying seeing how they bring them to life as we film each scene.
Today we were up at 2, we are shooting all this week at Salerno's beginning at 4 AM. Last week since we were filming in the apartments of our director Steve Luce, and our DP David Frisk, and shooting at night we were not under much time pressure. Friday night we didn't finish shooting until around 2:30 AM (which I guess means early Saturday morning), and we finished around 11 PM on Saturday evening. This week we have Salerno's available to us 4 to 8Am. which means we have about three hours of filming when one accounts for setting up and breaking down the set. We were very pleased not only did we film all the scenes we had scheduled to shoot this morning we also were out of Salerno's long before 8. And we accomplished this even though one of our actors was late, because the power had gone out in his building last night.
We of course all have our day jobs so it has already been a long day. I think we will sleep well tonight and not have trouble falling asleep like most of us did last night as some of us crashed at our directors place. 8 o'clock will come and I think I at least will be quite ready for bed. Tomorrow its 2 AM wake up call again and then back to Salerno's. This is a lot of work and a lot of fun. Hard to explain what its like to be on set, its both nerve racking and invigorating.