Friday, October 28, 2005

A post that failed to happen

I had writen some thougths on the Ecumenical Movement and the World Council of Churches, and then went ot post and my computer froze up, and I lost the post. I don't have time to attempt to recaptrue what I wrote. Essentially thought I was trying to follow up my posts on Protestantism and Church in Exile, and explain how I see Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler fitting into what I was addressing in those posts. In short I see Reconciler as an attempt to as Protestants come to an understanding of what it means to believe in the catholic Church. I see Reconciler as seeking something beyond an ecumenism that is merely a form of "Cant we just all get along" while remaining unchanged and jsut as we are. I see true eceumenical work as transformative for Protestants. I also think it is taking seriously claims about the Church that come from Ropman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, while trying to make sense of our experience of faith as Protestants and of our experience of God in our denominations. As such a congregation like Reconicler is not, in my opinion, the answer or an answer even, but a way towards our living according to our confessing believe in the catholic Church.
As I have summarized al this I realize that the post I wrote probably was simply repeating alot of what I have written in the last few posts.