Sunday, October 30, 2005

Changes and Additions to the Blog

I have been making some changes and additions arround here.
I have added a "Topics" section to my left sidebar. I am grouping various posts in the related categories on the left. At the moment there is only a link to the Politics page, I am currently working on Ecclsiology, and the rest will follow as I have time.
The other changes have to do with attempting to increase trafic to my blog. I am uncertain about these changes and will live with them for a while and see. If you have an opinion about these changes let me know.
I do though like the link2blogs tower in my right sidebar. I have followed the links to other blogs and found some interesting reads. The also offer blog polls as an option for the tower, would any one be interested in having blog polls on this blog?
Well let me know if you have any comments on these changes or anything else about the blog.