Friday, October 13, 2006

A deleted post and preview of an upcoming post

I had posted ealier on the Emergent Church, I had been sent a link to a wonderful summary of the Emergent Church movement, that began to rais some questions in my head in part in relation to Spenser Burke's book A Heretics Guide to Eternity. I find Burke's equation of American Evangelicalism with the church and Christianity iritating and find while I agree with him at certain points and his critique of evangelicalism I don't see that as the church.
However, I had conflated some things in the post I deleted and is why I deleted it. However, there will be posts on both A Heretic's Guide to Eternity (probably several, so much to agree with and object to at the same time in that book), and Mike Clawson's remarks on the Emergent Church.
an interesting connection with Spenser Burke, he pastored for a time Mariners Church in Irvine California where my Aunt and Uncle attended for years and where my Aunt was Childrens Minister for a time. I may have actually met Burke, though I am not sure when he was Pastor at Mariner's and whether or not my Aunt and Uncle wehre there the same time as he.