Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Questioning Marriage

My friend the baptistnomad, has recently (this past sunday the day I preached on marriage and divorce), asks I think a significant question about our culture's use of the trapings of Christian marriage.
After service on Sunday one of Reconciler's members asked a similar question in relation to my sermon. If there was one thing my sermon did not address it is how in fact our cultures perception of marriage even among those who call themselves Christians is a far cry from what Jesus suggests marriage is and especially Paul Evdokimov's take both on Jesus' words, Pauls interpretation and application of Jesus' teaching, and the tradition of the Church. Marriage as a discipline that is grounded in who God intends us to be as human beings and as rigorous a disciplined (ascetic) life as that of a monk or nun. Thus Jesus' insistance on marriage's permanence.

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